Patching a sick baby

So Olivia caught her first real fever…and they weren’t lying when they said fevers are so scary! And of course with a baby Olivia’s age, we weren’t sure if the fever was due to her teething, a bug she may have caught or a million other reasons babies may spike a fever. My husband and I were really stuck on how to handle patching her while she had this fever. It lasted for 3 days. The first day, we put Olivia in her patch and she was miserable! She slept the majority of the time, she cried for it to come off – the complete opposite of how she usually acts. I pulled out all of the stops. We had her favorite snacks, put on the movie she loves most – of course, Moana – and even stayed in my arms the entire time. But nothing would calm her. Instead of forcing her to keep the patch on while she didn’t feel good, we made the decision to take it off 30 minutes before the time was up. To be honest, we both felt really guilty we didn’t take it off sooner. After we took her patch off and realized how high her temperature got, we felt terrible for putting her through darkness just to get those patching hours in.

We are new to the world of patching. Most days, we follow the same routine. But when things happen like illness or other major life events, how do you handle patching. We decided to take that patch off early and actually didn’t patch again for 2 days. We knew by not patching we would not be working that ‘Nemo’ eye as much as we would like but the pain she was feeling from being sick paired with the stress of patching was just not worth the risk. What do other patching parents do in these situations? Please comment below and let us know how you handle patching when your baby is sick!

Published by Danielle

My name is Danielle. I am a new mom, speech language pathology student and love all things Disney. I have a beautiful daughter named Olivia who was born with a condition known as PFV. This blog is a way for our to share our experience and what we have learned about the world, through the perspective of our gorgeous baby girl. Always remember, just keep swimming.

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