“It’s Not My Problem”

“It’s not my problem”. That’s what a mom I encountered just like week said to me. Here’s what happened… Last week, my husband and I headed out to the park for a picnic. We packed Olivia sweet potatoes, Daiya vegan cheese and AppleGate deli ham. She ran around the grass at full speed for aContinue reading ““It’s Not My Problem””

I’m not a helicopter parent…just a mom

With Toy Story 4 out in theaters, we decided to show Olivia Toy Story. She LOVED it and has been dancing with her daddy to “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” for days. So, in the spirit of fun toys that talk and play we decided to throw on “The Toy that Time Forgot”. IContinue reading “I’m not a helicopter parent…just a mom”

When two disabilities collide…

Olivia was born with two disabilities: 1 – Persistent Fetal Vasculature which has caused near blindness in her right eye requiring her to wear a contact lens and patch daily 2 – Life threatening food allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs and wheat – resulting in strict avoidance of anything that may contain, containsContinue reading “When two disabilities collide…”