Food Allergy Friendly Christmas Cookie Challenge

Hello friends and welcome to our very own Food Allergy Friendly Christmas Cookie Challenge! As most of you are, my family and I are pretty much homebound. So, I decided to take my love of baking to the next level! Growing up, my mom would always bake the most delicious Christmas cookies. They would start with delicious Baklava and Cothabethas and stop at ‘Santa cookies’ on Christmas Eve night. When we found out that Olivia was allergic to dairy, nuts, wheat, peanuts and eggs, I had all but written off the idea that I could ever recreate those memories with my family.

Some time has passed now and it’s not that I feel more comfortable with her food allergies but rather that I have learned to adapt and look at her food allergies with a new perspective. We don’t need to get rid of our traditions…we just need to update them! Our family might not enjoy a typical peanut butter cookie topped with a Hershey kiss but we can certainly enjoy a delicious Sunbutter cookie topped with an enjoy life chocolate bar!

Since being diagnosed with food allergies, Olivia has outgrown her egg allergy. So, these cookie recipes might contain eggs. If you have a food allergy to eggs, you can always substitute 1 egg with 1/4 cup of unsweetened apple sauce. That was always our go to substitution! There are a few egg substitutions that can be found here!

So, the plan is to take typical cookie recipes and change them to fit our restrictions! Some examples might be that we will sub out wheat flour for King Arthur baking flour and regular butter with Earth Balance vegan butter! Remember to always ask your allergies before trying something you are unsure about and read all the ingredients, every time!

Okay, friends here we go! First up…Sugar Cookies!

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