PracMedic Bag – Sammie Medicine Case

When Olivia was first diagnosed with food allergies, I didn’t even know where to start. First thing we did – get our Epi pen! I put the Epi pens in a small zip pouch and moved on with my day. Unfortunately, I would soon find out that this zip pouch was not a great placeContinue reading “PracMedic Bag – Sammie Medicine Case”

Food Challenge: Eggs!

A few months ago, we experienced our first food challenge. Long story short, it did not go well. We brought a wheat roll into the allergy office and it was separated up into 4 different doses for Olivia to eat. The first round went great, the second round went down with ease, but when weContinue reading “Food Challenge: Eggs!”

Our First Allergy Food Challenge

When we first found out Olivia was born with life threatening food allergies, she was only tested for peanuts and tree nuts. At the next appointment, following some negative reactions to certain foods, we added an allergy to eggs and dairy and at the third and final test, we added wheat. At each appointment weContinue reading “Our First Allergy Food Challenge”