Favorite safe foods for our baby with food allergies

**Disclaimer: I am not a health care provider or allergist. These recommendations are what work well for my family with a child allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, eggs and dairy. But what works and is safe for her, may not be safe for another. As always read labels and triple check that what youContinue reading “Favorite safe foods for our baby with food allergies”

Reading labels…a life or death job.

I never thought I’d be that mom. You know the one. The mom that is chasing her kid around the park with a wet wipe, the mom who wipes the entire shopping cart down just to put a carriage protector on anyway, or the mom that reads every single label on the food the entireContinue reading “Reading labels…a life or death job.”

Our First Allergy Food Challenge

When we first found out Olivia was born with life threatening food allergies, she was only tested for peanuts and tree nuts. At the next appointment, following some negative reactions to certain foods, we added an allergy to eggs and dairy and at the third and final test, we added wheat. At each appointment weContinue reading “Our First Allergy Food Challenge”